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What Is Direct Response Marketing?

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Have you ever wondered, what is direct response marketing exactly? While you may think that it’s similar to direct marketing, there is a difference between the two. Direct marketing is a type of advertising strategy in which advertisers come into direct contact with potential buyers. It involves a variety of different channels like direct mail packages, e-mail marketing, telemarketing, display advertisements, catalogs and more. Direct response marketing can involve some of the same media channels as well, but its main purpose is to cause an immediate response from your target audience and persuade them to act on impulse.

Use Direct Response Marketing to Your Advantage

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The great thing about using direct response marketing to increase brand visibility is that each response from the consumer can be measured. Whether a customer is calling your company for more information about services, placing an online order or joining your e-mail list, it can all be tracked and analyzed. Direct response marketing should definitely be used to better your business, since it elicits a prompt response and allows you to track progress. It can also help you deliver a strong, engaging message to the right audience, as well as measure the results of your marketing efforts.

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